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5th-Mar-2009 12:19 pm
Dai - Honrou

Hello all!

Welcome to ちみチャンガ ~~意味は無い community! We are a translation group made up to satifsfy your needs about JRock translations!

We are currently with 5 translators. anuciella , breadtoaster , communistmuffin , thata23  and me (shade_graves ). I don't know about myslef, but they are all good workers and if you want to check us out, we work on the studs blog translation, and Zero blog translation too, as well as side paralel works from each translator, so you can also check their personal LJ ;D

We are Members Only and we're currently working on our database so feel free to Join and help us to build our database by requesting your needs on JRock Translations, we'll be more than happy to try to fulfill your request.

Make sure you read the rules before Joining.

This community is all for you (and us) so let's all enjoy please ;D
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