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Vistlip Gab interview 
6th-Apr-2009 12:38 am

Vistlip andGab.Magazine working together for a Special Interview

Part 1For mini album consistency


――Dead Cherryfree distribution and the new workPATRIOThave extremely different sound, what is different in the band?

Tomo “The sound surely changed”

Yuh “Say that ‘my guitar changed’ is trivial (laugh)”

Umi “My hairdo changed”

Tomo “Umi is getting a little old (laugh)”

Umi “That is hopeless (laugh)”

Tomo “About the sound… what is?”

Rui “I guess it is a little calm”

Yuh “At least the noise turned into music”

Umi “Well, I should say that the noisy decreased. And has a good significance, isn’t a bad [song]”

―― So far, the street look is a little squeeze out.

Tohya “Is this kind of mood (laugh)”

Umi “Especially, if you consider something that you didn't plan,
Revolverwas released, single distribution continued, that succession was natural”

Tomo “Therefore, that time when something appear, that might turned out the most accordance thing so far”

―― When we say that it’s different don’t mean that it is but, was conscious that this production has a section with a tender nuance?

Tomo “About the lyrics, I do it arbitrarily”

Umi “At first, in case of doing something of the concept, parallel to the melody creation we write and attach the lyrics, Tomo said 'I am thinking in doing the idea of cure (heal) the keyword of all the compositions'.  The lyrics are attached to that too, so was easy to the melody has this nuance too, to squeeze it out to all wasn’t easy but, everything has a slight uniformity”

―― Tomo-kun, in short, when you listen to the melody made by then, what emotions do you feel?

Tomo “In the mini album, uniformity was something that I wanted. In the single was different, the title of the song and the title, coupling has a caprice nuance… Do you got it?”

―― I get it, I get it.

Tomo “In the single, has 3 songs but not as one, is individual. In the mini album, have brevity 6 songs, but I think that it carry consistency”

―― The single is a miscellany piece, but for the album it differ.

Tomo “That’s why, listen the single isn’t listen to the album (bitter smile)”

Umi “But, we have a hunch in that situation to persist in strange to listen to it. Even if we put 8 songs to the single”

―― The timing to do the mini album was a challenge.

Tomo “But I feel that is betray the fans [if we don’t finished it] (laugh)”

―― Well, slowly you started to think about a full album (laugh).

Umi “I think that’s a huge mistake obtain all what you want at once (laugh)”

Tomo “[saying] Like that seems dirty (laugh)”

―― By the way, do you have sufficient time to write the songs this time?

All members “No (bitter smile)”

Umi  “We agreed about the release time, was too late so the time was short. But, we wanted to do it from the start, so was fast…”

Tohya “We put all”

Umi “You shouldn't talk like that, there was some leftover!”

Rui “We put all, right. At that time”

Umi “Just
Ashita haretaraandKage oniremain of the firsts chosen songs”

Part 2: Strange method to make songs


―― There was any reason for the choice of the songs?


Tomo “We were tired. Usually we have lots of musics. I say ‘I am creating this for the album’, but when you extend that much, you get tired of it (laugh)”

Umi “When it comes to this form, a mini album, we said that it won’t fit in”

Tomo “But we are really tired of it! (bitter smile) For me, I can hear that song from the PC to my head, but it totally sound shit, now. Our fans won’t hear it, although…”


―― Exist an positive point of view?

Umi “We are thinking in the possibility to change the performance style drastically, but at that moment we aren’t thinking ‘let’s hold it’ and turned to ‘can’t perform that’, so the song is not include”

Tomo “But the fact is, Tohya has good things, when we are remaking what wasn’t good he have some material, like he know it”

Tohya “I pointed out interesting things to scrape it. However, I already have captured that stereotype, so a lot of it got in (laugh)”

――So, you have more songs prepared? I was surprise to see Yuh-kun name in 2 tracks, he is getting closer to be a main compositor.

Yuh “I slump. Now I’m stuck too. I still have to go for it deeply in with my right foot”

Tomo “Hm, latest [songs] are ok”

Yuh “And my guitar [skills] are tolerable”

Tomo “Is the bog ill (bitter smile)”

Umi “Probably, he is in doubt about that place”

Yuh “I think too much”

―― Isn’t because you’re diligent?

Yuh “... I don’t know (laugh)”

Umi “At first he don’t consider any of the songs he made, but when he say to the members,  we think that a lot of it is really good, Yuh is stupid”

Yuh “Is over my capacity (laugh)”

Tomo “But we aren’t the band’s personality? Well, I’m saying personality in a good meaning, but seems like good intentions can backfire. There’s no consistency”

―― If is that case of personality, there’s not energy for a good schedule, isn’t?

Umi “We don’t have the pro capacity (bitter smile)”

―― That’s how we get vistlip, isn’t? (laugh)

Umi “Almost every songs are made at the last moment (bitter smile)”

Tomo “That is the efficient of Tohya and Rui that make us a great band, is amazing, isn’t?”

Umi “Rui is always distant. ‘You will do it?’ I ask, ‘Yes, I’ll do it. I bring it till next week.’ he say, or ‘I can’t do it’ (laugh)”

Rui “Ha ha (laugh)”

――So the closing of this unit was strange, perhaps is the relations of our fellows members.

Part 3: The beginning of the album is...


―― Now I want to go deeply in the mini album, so why isNeiro-melody line-the first song?

Tomo “Is hardly the beginning, isn’t? (laugh)

All (laugh)

―― Certainly.

Tomo “The SE wasn’t thrown, right?” [TN: I believe that SE is track list]

Rui “It looks like a prologue”

Tomo “Think as you are reading a book, the bird isn’t singing, right? Doesn’t fit when I whisper there ‘I see the forest’? In that image, the instruments fit in and discord, it’s the beginning of the world”

Yuh “Is incredible how I can see that image”

Tomo “Isn’t? We’re building the earth steadily”

Rui “So, when the earth is made, looks like Eve come out”

Tomo “Whoa, that’s pretty!”

Tohya “Now it turned unexpected well (laugh)”

All (laugh)

Rui “Now I made perfection! (laugh)”

Tomo “Perfect lie (laugh), that thing wasn’t considered”

Umi “Eh, we doesn’t consider it!? (laugh)”

Tomo “Ruisu’s postscript triumph (laugh)” [TN: Tomo often call Rui of Ruisu/Luis]

―― But,EVEisn’t about the Eve form the legend of  world’s creation?

Tomo “That’s right”

―― I have that image first, but just now you said a different thing, so I was surprise. After,Re:ashita haretarais a great change of feeling.

Tohya “You said it well”

Rui “For me, there’s nothing of good feeling, if you absorb many things you can’t desiccate everything, that’s open [for interpretation]. ‘I’m facing it in a good way’, you said”

Tomo “For the perspective of singing it is a bad faith. Somehow is like dying. The impression that you have when you listen to it isn’t cheerful, right? But, as result, the person who is dying is singing the cause of it. After 15 seconds looks that he died”

Umi “If is after 15 seconds, he die before the introduction (laugh)”

Tomo “The 15 seconds after I finish singing. Didn’t we think about the PV? When the outro ends something is going to happen”

Tohya “We agree that the end have a sense of run of life”

Tomo “Ah! We put a good pi, pi, piiiiiiiiii! I make a mistake (laugh)” [TN: I really don’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t know nothing about a Re:ashita hareta PV]

―― So you think about the arrange of it (laugh). That was one of the first choosen songs that remain in the album, and about
kage oni, what’s the reason?

Rui “Everyone likes
kage oni

Tomo “Is simple if you like it (laugh)”

―― Intuition is important, yeah (bitter smile). So, one by one, the most moving part… why that reluctant faces? (laugh)

Yuh “Is coming... (laugh)”

Tohya “Explain the song is easy, the listening part is easy to understand, but to say “This song tuning is...”  is difficult for the drum”

―― I dare you to that questions!
bitter smile

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I fixed some weird setences now
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I don't know about Rui, but Tohya composed almost all melodys... Tomo is just gay for that two guys
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