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ちみチャンガ ~~意味は無い
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JRock Translation DEMON-MOUNTAIN Group!

Welcome to the Translation Group ちみチャンガ ~~意味は無い.

For the safety of our translations, please join to read the entries, and do not repost our translations without credits.

Current request status: ON HIATUS (Indefinitely).

Read the rules before joining.

1 ~ This is a Members Only, so please Join to see/request translations!
2 ~ As we are trying to do more translation for the 'not so knowed bands', which is hard to find, it'll be nice if bands like Gazette, Dir en grey, L'arc~en~Ciel, Gackt, and stuff... were requested in their respective community. You can try to request here, but it's not certain that your request is going to be fulfilled/accepted.
3 ~ Make sure you give us some time to translate, once one of the translators accepted your request. Translations might be tricky, so we need to make sure everything is perfect! Also, maybe some of the translations migh be hard to find or too dificult to do, so please be reasonable in understanding if your request was not fulfilled.
4 ~ Please DO NOT USE our translations without permission/credit. Remember that this was a lot of work from someone... so please appreciate the hard work giving credit to the translator! ;D Providing the link to where is going to be posted is always good too!
5 ~ Requests can be of single, album, or just one song, interview, article, video/audio, etc. Anything related to JRock, just don't forget to provide the correct information so we can work better on the translations for you! To see the Request Rules just scroll the page.
6 ~ Being nice and gentle doesn't cost a penny!

1 ~ We currently are Open Membership, but the posts are Moderated. So please be patience if your post doesn't appear immediatly.
2 ~ Make a single post with the translations you want. Specifying in the title as "[Request] D'espairsRay - Bunny song lyric", If it's various songs try to specify at least the artists. If it's an entirely album, specify the album like  "[Request] D'espairsRay - Bunny album, all lyrics". And so on... A translator will attend your request as soon as possible! IF the request it's from a band "too indie", whenerver possible, please provide us the mp3 or the link for the mp3 (or where to find it) the song/album you're requesting. (since we cannot know ALL the Jrock bands in Japan ;D)
3 ~ Please use the official tags to your requests.
4 ~ The more info we have about it better. So specify Artist : Album / Single / Song. When possible, give us links or scans from the booklet, or a site with the kanji you want us to translate. romaji  is a good database for kanji lyrics.
5 ~ If it's a translation from a Magazine provide us the Name: Artist / issue / edition / etc. AND WHENEVER POSSIBLE, provide a scan or a link to the scan from the magazine you want. Same thing with Interviews or Articles. jrock_scans  is a good database for magazines. Please make sure the Kanjis can be identifyed on the scan (since we need the kanjis to translate, and some scans are too small we barely can see them D8)
6 ~ If it's from a video/audio interview/etc, provide us the links or specify where they can be found. (youtube, pornotube, hot bunnys, etc)
7 ~ Please be patience. Translations might be difficult or not, it depends on a variety of things, so please give us time ok! We'll get back to you as soon as possible! ;D

Want to become a translator and help us on the hard work, or want to post your translations here? Follow the link for more information. ;D



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