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1st-Apr-2010 06:03 pm - Hiatus notification!
Dai - Honrou
Hello everyone!

Sadly I came to notify you all about our status!

Unfortunately we are, as you must have already noticed, on Hiatus. I thought I could handle, but my personal problems one more time interfered on my duties. I'm deeply sorry to disappoint those who were waiting for me, and all others who wishes this community to keep going.

Right now I don't have a PC, and this might be a situation that will keep on going for some time. But I really wanted this project to work, for this: I'm sorry! Because It's not fair to put all the work on the girls that kept going without me, and I believe they also have their own personal issues and couldn't keep on. It's not fair with you too, who enter here and request something that we'll not be able to deliver.

That said, I'm putting the community on Hiatus (not just deleting it), and because I don't want to lose all the work that was already done until now.

I believe that, for this project to work, we need more translators, and unfortunately we aren't finding them.

Until this project come back. Sorry for this and I wish you all the very best.

See ya'll soon. (I hope) ;D
14th-Mar-2009 02:35 pm - Translators!
Dai - Honrou
For all of you who has some kind of interess in doing translations, and for the persons who would like to have their translations posted here...

Please comment below for more information, and we'll got back to you ;D

Community/LJ Url:
Become a Translator or Post Translations?
13th-Mar-2009 10:44 pm - Affiliations
Dai - Honrou

For affiliations, just comment below and specify:

Name of the Community:
Valid e-mail:

So we could get back to you as soon as possible ;D
5th-Mar-2009 12:19 pm - Presentation!!
Dai - Honrou

Hello all!

Welcome to ちみチャンガ ~~意味は無い community! We are a translation group made up to satifsfy your needs about JRock translations!

We are currently with 5 translators. anuciella , breadtoaster , communistmuffin , thata23  and me (shade_graves ). I don't know about myslef, but they are all good workers and if you want to check us out, we work on the studs blog translation, and Zero blog translation too, as well as side paralel works from each translator, so you can also check their personal LJ ;D

We are Members Only and we're currently working on our database so feel free to Join and help us to build our database by requesting your needs on JRock Translations, we'll be more than happy to try to fulfill your request.

Make sure you read the rules before Joining.

This community is all for you (and us) so let's all enjoy please ;D
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